Exercising Your Joy

†††††I have been exercising a lot more lately. I am not talking about those push-ups and sit-ups I do in the morning, either. The exercise I am talking about lasts all day long and makes me feel better than I have ever felt before. The exercise I am talking about is the greatest work-out in the world and benefits you in every way imaginable. The exercise I am talking about is exercising your joy.

†††††This wonderful exercise can help every part of you everyday of your life. It keeps your mind alert by thinking positive thoughts full of optimism and enthusiasm. It keeps your eyes clear by looking at all the wonders of the world around you and by reading words that inspire you to become the person you want to be. It makes your ears sharp by listening to lovely music, singing birds, tinkling wind chimes, and the three greatest words in the world, "I love you." It keeps your lips fit by giving thanks to God all day long. It keeps your voice strong by singing beautiful songs. It helps your teeth shine by sharing your smile. It gives your arms a workout with hug after hug. It helps out both the taste buds and the stomach by sharing good food with people you love. It keeps those legs firm and healthy by dancing in delight and walking with God. It gives your insides a lot of work with happy and frequent doses of laughter. It makes your heart stronger by giving your love to everyone. It makes your soul even brighter by sharing its light with the whole world. It makes every bit of your life more fit by helping you to do what you were always meant to do and to be the Child of God that you were always created to be.

†††††Donít be afraid to exercise your joy everyday then. It not only helps you to feel good, but it also helps you to be good. It not only makes you better, but it also makes the world better. It not only makes you fit for this life, but it also makes you fit for the next life as well.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella (joecool@wirefire.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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