Fountain Of Youth

I do believe that I have discovered the Fountain of Youth. Now it isnít in some Florida swamp as Ponce de Leon thought. Nor is it in a handful of pills like the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe. My days pop without pills. It certainly doesnít come from skin lotions and wrinkle creams in spite of what the television commercials say. My laugh lines rev me up rather than slow me down. Neither does it rest in a bottle of hair dye. I find my silver suits me. It shines in the sunlight.

My Fountain of Youth doesnít come from liposuction. My fat cells are safe. It doesnít come from facelifts or tummy tucks. A little loose skin never hurt anybody. It doesnít come from botox. I welcome my wrinkles. They are the parenthesis around my smiles. And it doesnít come from hormone replacement therapy. My hormones donít want to be replaced.

My Fountain of Youth comes from the inside not the outside. It canít be sold or purchased. It can only be chosen. My Fountain of Youth is a loving heart. It is a loving heart I have found that keeps me feeling young inside. It is a loving heart that makes me smile, laugh and sing. It is a loving heart that fills me with joy and fills me with life. It is a loving heart brings me closer to the God who loves us all. It is a loving heart that keeps my own soulís light burning bright. It is a loving heart that fills my spirit with energy, vitality, peace, and happiness. Yes, my body is getting older day by day but the real "ME" remains both eternal and forever young.

Our souls are meant for eternity, our bodies arenít. If you want to be young then donít look in the mirror. Look inside of yourself. Welcome love into your heart and let your love flow like a fountain out of it. Make love your reason for living. Make love your mission in life. Then it wonít matter if you are nine, nineteen, or ninety, you will still be young.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2012 ( - {used with permission} ]

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