Goodness Of God (Meeting Needs)

I have a story to tell. It is a little lengthy, so read it when you have time. Sometimes, wonderful things happen in our lives, which are hard to keep to ourselves.

Yesterday, my daughter Carol and I met together at Dallas' Fair Park Music Hall, for our traditional season tickets performance. We were still enjoying the music in our heads as we headed for the parking lot. Behind the car next to Carol's we spotted a bracelet and picked it up. It was not expensive but had a variety of stones embedded on each link. Carol said, "Maybe it belongs to the owner of this car. Maybe she will be here in a moment."

A step further revealed a flat tire on Carol's car. A big screw in the tire was the culprit. She quickly called Mr. Rescue for help, but the wait was long. We spotted an elderly woman searching the lot. We couldn't tell if she was looking for someone or her car. I stepped out to see if we could assist. She, too, was waiting for help-to unlock her car. We invited her to wait inside our car, out of the Texas heat. We waited a little over an hour, when a young woman arrived at the car next to us. Carol asked her if she had lost a bracelet. The woman had not noticed it was missing but quickly described it. Tears welled in her eyes as she said that it had been given to her by her mother. The following day she was to travel to visit her mom, who is undergoing cancer treatment. Carol said, "Now I know why I had the flat tire." We had to wait for her to claim her precious belonging. The woman's comment in gratitude was, "God is good!"

Soon after, help arrived for the woman with the locked car, and quickly she was on her way-- but not before "God blessing us" for our concern. The young man who helped get her inside her car was not from the same vendor Mr. Rescue had ordered, but he quickly set about changing the flat. Meanwhile, Carol was calling Mr. Rescue to see if they could change the order to this new "rescuer." A few calls and that was accomplished. During all of this procedure, the young man said, "Well, if I get the authorization, fine. If not, I'll just call it my good deed for the day."

Albert, Carol's husband, was on the cell phone a few times during all this-concerned for her well-being as well as worrying about getting to his lay chaplain class that evening. It was pretty obvious that Carol would not be home in time with the car. A fellow co-worker learned of his problem and offered to take him to class.

Instead of being depressed over a flat tire, we were rejoicing at the goodness of God. Some may believe it was all circumstantial, but what are the chances of these events happening all at once?

A precious bracelet lost -- returned to its rightful owner A woman with a locked car - given a cool place to wait A flat tire - repaired by someone who might not be compensated, even though that was his livelihood A man without a ride to class - supplied by a caring co-worker

All I can say is, indeed, God is good! He dwells in all of us who are believers, and I am always in awe of Him.

Addendum -- "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not."   Jer 33:3

[ Author Unknown -- from 'Words For Life' ( ]


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