I purchased another used car recently. With the price of gas soaring I was in need of a smaller vehicle that could get me better mileage. I found just such a car at a tiny lot just a few miles from my home. I named the car, "Little Gracie" because I felt it was by the Grace of God that I had found such a great car, in such good shape, for such a low price, and from such a gracious dealer. I smile with delight now every time I ride in my "Little Gracie." She handles like a dream, sips gas, and is a joy to drive. Most of all, though, she reminds me that Godís grace surrounds us always in this life. All we have to do is accept it into our hearts.

Godís grace has been with me all through my own life even when I didnít realize it. His grace has saved me from harm many times both as a child and an adult. His grace has stayed by my side even during those times when I only wanted to listen to my own ego. His grace has been with me through pain, problems, grief, suffering, tragedies, and even despair. His grace has even reached down and picked me up when I hit rock bottom a few times. Godís grace has been all around me as I struggled with it, learned from it, and grew in faith and love because of it.

Godís grace is with me now as I write and share this with you. Ralph Waldo Emerson himself said that "All writing comes by the Grace of God, and all doing and having." The truth is that Godís grace isnít just for helping you get through this life. It is for helping you to live it too. It is only with Godís grace that you can live fully. It is only with Godís grace that you can give totally. It is only with Godís grace that you can love unconditionally.

May you always accept and welcome Godís love and grace into your life. May you always fill your days, your heart, and your soul with it. May you always find the greatest joy in life by sharing it with others as well.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2008 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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