Growing Young

As I have moved into my forties now I have begun to see more and more that body age has very little to do with soul age. My body keeps telling me again and again that I am getting older. My soul, however, seems to laugh at the thought. Just this morning I awoke to an aching back and stumbled into the bathroom. I stretched and popped my back as much as I could and then looked in the mirror. My thinning salt and pepper hair was mostly salt. My forehead was lined with deep wrinkles and my frowning face made me look like a tired, middle-aged man.

This depressed me but only for a few seconds. Then I remembered that whether I grow old or grow young is very much up to me. I said, "good morning" to God, thanked Him once again for my life and smiled in the mirror. Amazingly, the wrinkles in my forehead disappeared while the laugh lines around my eyes grinned with joy. My sleepy eyes began to sparkle and I watched as fifteen years disappeared from my face in a second.

No matter how old this body of mine may get my soul remains young. This is true for all of you as well. Whether you are 18, 48, or 80 you can still live with the love and laughter of an 8 year old. When it comes to eternity age is a number and the body is a liar. The only years that matter are the years you spend loving others.

Before you get lost looking for the fountain of youth then, take a look inside of yourself. You may find that your spirit is still young, vital, happy, and wrinkle free. You may see that the ability to give love and share joy knows no age. You may realize that when it comes to eternity our lives are here for only a brief moment in time. God created your soul and God created the body that carries it around. One is temporary, but one is forever. Donít spend too much time then worrying about the one that wonít last when you can be living for the one that will.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2010 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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