Guardian Angels

I believe in guardian angels. Since I was a boy I have felt watched over, loved, and protected by my unseen friends and I am so thankful to God for them. I have had far too many near misses with hurt and harm over the years for it to be mere luck. I guess my guardian angels are keeping me around for a reason and I will do my best not to make their work too hard in the future.

I also believe in guardian angels because I have seen one in action over the years. My oldest son graduates from high school this Spring. Through all of his years in school he has struggled with Autism. It has made it difficult for him to learn, to relate to others, and to function in this world. Thankfully, though, he has had a guardian angel with him every step of the way. His aide has been there with him through all the difficulties, through all the triumphs, through all the pains, and through all the joys. She was there when he first started to speak in sentences. She was there when he first started to read. She was there when he first started to make friends and play with the other children. She helped him through every frustration he faced and comforted him through every bit of sadness he had to endure. She helped him to become the happy and loving soul that he is today. She loved him, cared for him, guided him, encouraged him, and watched over him. She has been his aide, his friend, his second mother, and his guardian angel. Words can never express all the good that she has done for him. All I can say to her is "Thank you so much for being such an angel in my sonís life."

There are many guardian angels in our lives. Some are unseen, but some walk with us and help us everyday. Take the time then to thank God for all the guardian angels in this world. Take the time as well to thank all the guardian angels that touch your own life. But most of all take the time to be a loving, joyous guardian angel yourself to every hurting heart that needs you.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2009 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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