How To Do The Impossible Everyday

The battle between David and Goliath is renown. The Bible opens the story in a valley where two armies face and taunt each other. Emerging from the encampment of the Philistines is Goliath. He is nearly 15 feet tall, broad as a dump truck at the shoulders. His shield and sword is to heavy for men to handle, so they are drawn on a flat cart by a team of snorting horses.

Goliath surveys the army of Israel and growls angrily. "Send me a man who is your champion. Come, let us fight and I shall kill you like a mangy dog!" Fear sank deeper into the hearts & bodies of the Israeli soldiers. A huge shadow cast itself across the valley floor, it appeared ominous and foreboding. High on a ridge cresting the valley stood Goliath, Lord of Chaos and Destruction. He towered like a skyscraper against the sunlit sky, his frame blocking the powerful illuminating rays.

No one stepped forward to accept the giant's dare. Seasoned, hardened men of war cowered and wished for the bosoms of their wives and children. Death was upon them and Goliath was ready to drink blood. Suddenly a red haired boy, barely weighing 90 pounds, bravely steps forward. He is a shepherd boy of 9 or 10, and his only weapon is a crude slingshot containing several smooth stones. The boy's name is David.

David advances into the valley beneath the giant shadow. "I will face you, and the Lord God shall give me your head this day", David says confidently. Goliath howls in laugher as do all the soldiers. "What?! Do you send a boy dog to face me, have you no champions", he growls? David responds, " I am the Lord's Champion and this day shall I take thy head from thee!"

Goliath lifts his massive shield and sword off the cart, the horses neigh wildly in fear.

Swinging the huge steel blade overhead, it slices the air with sonic swiftness. The steel sounds like the cold whisper of deaf as it slices the air. Goliath can easily chop a 10 foot tall grizzly bear neatly in half with the powerful swing of his oak tree sized arms. "This fool will be easy prey", Goliath thinks to himself, as he salivates for the taste of warm blood. Running across the valley floor with the speed of a cat, David loads his sling shot skillfully. He chooses a small marble sized stone, smooth, hard and round. As Goliath advanced down the valley ridge, David arches his arms, his eyes locked on Goliath's forehead. In a split second he prays "In the name of the I AM that I AM I Conquer Goliath this day!"

The stone spins from the sling shot, propelled with the accuracy of a laser. Within the blink of an eyelash, the flesh between Goliath's eyes splits open, the stone burying itself in the darkness of his brain. Deeper the stone goes, grinding bone as it drills into the giants skull. A force surrounds the stone, burying it with nuclear force. As Goliath prepares to swing his blade through David's tiny body, he feels a sting between his eyes. Suddenly his eyes loose focus, and he freezes in motion. His vision dissolves like the picture on a TV screen when it is turned off.

David scurries away from under the giant's shadow. Goliath's last words are cut short as his brains blood pumps from the hole between his eyes. The armies watched in terror and amazement as Goliath staggers, then falls to his knees. "You dog, he screams at David", and collapse dead on the ground. This day, the character of a new King is forged on the battlefield, the character of King David of Israel.

Life often faces us with challenges. Sometimes they overwhelm you, and you don't feel capable of victory. The story of David and Goliath reveals the power of faith in the Spoken Word. David believed in what he said, he saw it in his mind and it manifested before his eyes. Did David have angelic assistance? How is it possible for a simple stone to kill a giant? You may wish to ponder the questions I asked, but you are going to miss the moral of the story.

First, all things are possible. It doesn't matter how big, tall or fierce the challenge looks. While others around you declare there are no answers, and that there is no way; faith can cause you to see the victory before the fight starts. Faith allows you to see the outcome before you begin. You know that you know that you know, all things work together for the good, and YOUR GOOD IS HAPPENING TO YOU NOW!

Jesus said, have faith the size of a tiny mustard seed, and all things will be possible for you. So look at your situation in a new way and say to your giants: "That ain't no big thing!"

[ by Dr. Kioni -- from 'Themestream' ]


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