What Are You Listening For

     I remember reading a story once about a wealthy businessman who over the years of his travels had formed a friendship with a Native American. This pair in spite of their differences remained close and after many years the businessman finally convinced his friend to visit him in the city where he lived. As they were walking down the busy streets full of noise, traffic, and people the Native American suddenly stopped, walked into an alley, and bent down over a small plant growing there. His friend followed him and found him listening to a tiny cricket chirping.  Amazed, the businessman asked him how he had ever heard that little sound among the deafening noise of the city. The Native American just smiled and said, "What you hear is what you listen for." As they walked back to the street the Native American took a handful of coins out of his pocket and dropped them on the pavement. The businessman smiled as he saw a dozen heads turn towards the sound. He realized what his friend had meant.

     What are you listening for in this life? Are you listening for the latest lottery numbers to be announced or are you listening for the sweet songs of the birds in the morning? Are you listening for the newest gossip people are saying or are you listening for the happy sound of your children’s laughter? Are you listening for the shouting voices of anger and hatred in this world that try to fill our ears and hearts with their poison? Or are you listening for the gentle voice of God whispering to you: "I love you My Child. Come work with Me and we will shower the world with love and joy together."?

     Either way what you listen for is what you will hear. Open your ears, mind, heart, and soul then. Listen with them for all this world’s joys. Listen with them for the loving voice of God within you. Listen with them and delight in the glorious music that is life.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella (joecool@wirefire.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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