Little Miracles

†††† It had been a week of heavy frosts in the evenings here. The frozen nights had just about killed off the grass and most of the flowers were gone as well. The bitter, morning air was a reminder that Fall was almost over and that Winter was just around the corner. I noticed too as I walked my dogs on that cold afternoon that the trees in the woods were getting as bare as the top of my head. It seemed like it Novemberís gloom was everywhere. It was then, however, that I saw it. A single yellow butterfly was floating in the breeze and feasting on the few remaining dandelions left in my yard. It was a little miracle that filled my soul with delight. I smiled and thanked God for this message of joy and for all the little miracles in this world.

†††† So many people in this life pray for big miracles but fail to notice the little miracles that are all around them. Every sunrise and sunset is a little miracle. Every flower that blooms and leaf that changes is one as well. I have seen little miracles in the loving hearts and beautiful smiles of handicapped children. I have seen them in the shopping carts of people living paycheck to paycheck, who still buy something extra to donate to the local food drive. I have seen them in my community where every car that breaks down will have three others stop to help. I have seen them in the lives of my friends as well. There is my wheelchair bound friend who spends hours each day sending out inspirational messages on the internet. There is my teacher friend who lost first her sight and then her job but now dedicates her life to volunteer work and bringing joy to people who are homebound. There are so many others too whose lives are daily miracles of love.

†††† The best thing about little miracles, though, is not that they are all around you but that you can be one yourself. You can share love, spread joy, and help others so much. Remember God made you, God loves you, and God gave you this life. Live it like the miracle you are.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella ( -- {used with permission} ]


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