Looking At The Stars

I have always loved looking at the stars ever since childhood. It has been one of the great pleasures of living in the country. It is so delightful to be able to walk into my backyard in the evening and gaze up at them all. In recent years, however, I had forgotten just how spectacular the night sky could be. The dawn lights along the road where I live kept all but the brightest stars from shining through. At night I could see only the moon and a few dozen stars from my home.

The other evening, though, while I was picking my daughter up I found myself on a small farm far from the dawn lights, car lights, and building lights. It was then that I felt a gentle urge in my mind to look up at the clear, night sky. The sight was so glorious that I could feel my heart swelling with joy. There was no moon, but the stars were everywhere. The entire sky was filled with them. Thousands upon thousands of them were glowing and shining with happiness. It was so bright and beautiful that I could even see the frosted grass on the ground sparkling in the light. This was the night sky the way God had created it. This was the night sky that our ancestors had gazed upon for thousands of years. Under this wondrous blanket of light I felt covered with Godís love. I was as comfortable, safe, and happy as a child tucked in their bed at night, and even with a cold, wintry wind blowing across my face my soul still felt warm. All that I could do was look at those glowing stars, smile, and thank God for giving me a chance to live in a world of such beauty, such joy, and such love.

God loves us all so much. He created this glorious world for us to live in, to grow in, to learn in, and to love in. Take the time to enjoy it, cherish it, and care for it. Take the time to walk in the woods, swim in the ocean, and look up at the stars. Take the time to feel Godís love flowing through it all and through yourself as well.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella (joecool@wirefire.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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