Maiden Names

When I first married almost twenty years ago, not only did I feel excited at the idea of having a husband and children, but at the same time, I felt like I was losing a part of myself; my identity. I am of course referring to how a woman, upon her wedding day, releases her maiden name, then takes on the name of her husband. Forever gone is the identity she always knew, and there is a combination of sadness and joy; excitement over a new beginning!

After so many years of marriage, my spouse's name is now a part of who I am. I have come to embrace this name for it represents not who I was, but who I now am as a mature woman who is both wife and mother.

It is amazing how, in the blink of an eye, a soon-to-be wedded female can change from one name to another. I cannot help but be reminded of how the Lord can also transform lives, cleansing the hearts of those who sincerely call upon Him in repentance. At this moment, our slate is washed clean of past repented of sins, and a new beginning is ours for the taking! No longer are we the same, but we are transformed; new creations in Christ Jesus!

Just as marriage provides us with a fresh start, a new phase in life, so too, does God offer you an even greater gift; eternal salvation! As does the husband and wife wear a wedding band upon their fingers, the Lord's name is engraved upon the hearts of those who believe in Him. No longer do we look back to the hurtful past which previously was sinful, but we are called to start anew and look to the hope of a righteous present and future!

A husband is a wonderful life-partner, indeed, but an intimate relationship with God is even greater!

[ Melanie Schurr © 1998 ( -- from 'Daily Wisdom' ]


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