Man's Best Friend

My dog is wonderful. He is always glad to see me, loves me no matter what, invites me into his life regardless of my mood and is a great listener. He cheers me when I am down, lifts me up and makes me laugh. There's an unconditional love between people and dogs that's close to heaven.

Maybe it was a deliberate move on behalf of The Creator. Nothing was by "mistake."

Let's reverse the letters in dog: God. Now, I know that's nothing new to you. But, isn't it amazing that God loves me the same way my dog does, but in a much deeper more meaningful sense? Isn't it ironic that the animal labeled as "man's best friend" does, indeed, spell God when backward?

I in no way am comparing God to a dog, but a dog is one of God's creations. I don't want you to misunderstand me. I thank God for the gift of my loving, wonderfully sweet dog every day.

God loves us no matter what -- it's unconditional. He is there to listen and to comfort. He is there to help when we ask for it. He doesn't care if we are in a pleasant or a foul mood, for He understands far beyond our own realm of understanding. He wishes so much to be a part of our lives -- for us to invite Him in. He is always happy to see us and loves it when we love Him. He is so forgiving of all our shortcomings and always wraps his loving arms around us. He is there to wipe away our tears and to give us strength. He is there to share in the joyful moments of our lives and to get us through the painful ones.

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I can cozy up on the chair in the den with my dog and he just wants to be with me. He loves me for who I am and always looks at me with adoring eyes.

It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I can sit and talk to God and He just wants to listen. He loves me for who I am and also looks upon me with adoring eyes.

There is love surrounding all of us and it's the love of God. It's in the air, the trees, the earth, the animals and most importantly, in each other. It's in everything.

Sadly, we often fail to recognize this especially when we are overburdened by the trials of life. But, we feel bits and pieces of His love when we experience the warmth of a child's smile, a hug from someone we love or the friendship and comfort of a pet.

But, the same comfort and joy you derive from looking at a beautiful sunset, snuggling up with your dog, sharing the love of your family or that one special person in your life, are only pieces of the whole. That whole being the Universal Love of the Divine which is in everything and everyone.

Just imagine how great a love that is. If tiny fragments of it make you feel better, just think what experiencing His love by opening your heart and soul to it feels!

Sometimes that's easier said than done. But, if we can think of God as our friend -- our best friend who's there all the time for you, it might make it a bit easier to do.

Just as I can count on ones I love and on my dog to soothe me after a rough day, I can count on God's love all the time, directly from Him. We all can.

Man's best friend was created for us by our Creator -- our very, very best friend.

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2001 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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