My Daughter The Graduate

My daughter graduated from college this Spring. I couldnít be more proud of her. Through countless hours of study, books read, papers written, and tests taken, her hard work has paid off. She is no longer the little girl I once pushed on a swing and taught to ride a bike. She has become a wise, mature, giving, caring, and loving adult. She has learned so much and is ready to start the rest of her life.

I think the things I am most proud of her learning, though, arenít the ones she learned in the classroom. They are the ones she learned through living her life. My daughter already knows things that it took me much longer to learn. She knows that money canít buy or even rent happiness. She knows that you never rise higher than when you stoop to help up another. She knows that laughter exercises the lungs and love opens up the heart. She knows that a good cry isnít a bad thing. It washes out your eyes so you can see more clearly. She knows that petting a dog warms your heart and hugging a friend uplifts your soul. She knows that doing what you love and loving what you do turns work into play. She knows that children are lifeís most precious gift and that every child should be treated with gentleness, kindness, and love.

My daughter knows that life often isnít fair, that society often isnít wise, and that everyone of us will face our share of problems. She also knows, however, that with love in our hearts we can bring learning, laughter, and joy to even the toughest days. She knows that true faith brings us closer to Godís love and never seeks to judge or hurt another. She knows that life is a journey taken on a rocky road and that sometimes we stumble and fall. She knows too that we can pick ourselves up each time and even help someone else up as well. Most of all she knows that she is still learning, just as we all are. May she always know too just how much I love her.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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