My First Kiss

I can still remember my first real kiss like it was yesterday. I was in the eighth grade. Since kindergarten I had always been the shortest student in class, but a recent growth spurt had caught me up with the other boys. I was still awkward around girls, though, and was surprised when one of the prettiest in school asked to be my girlfriend. It felt strange walking her to class and holding her hand, yet it felt good too. When she had an argument with her Mom one morning she cried on my shoulder and I placed my arms around her to comfort her.

Just before we were about to get on the school buses to head home that day she turned to me and pressed her lips to mine. Neurons fired like crazy in my brain. My eyes closed while my heart swelled. My body tingled all the way down to my toes. A wonderful warmth filled my whole being. She then ran quickly to her bus while I walked slowly to mine. On the inside, however, it felt like I was floating on a cloud of Pure Joy.

That first romance soon ended like most first ones do. It crashed into a wall of my own jealousy and immaturity. Yet, I will forever cherish it for the feeling that first kiss brought into my life. It was a Heavenly Joy that I would rediscover time and again. It was there with me on my wedding day. It was with me the first time I held each of my newborn babies in my arms. It was waiting for me when I first realized just how much God loves us all. And it filled my heart once more when I saw that I too could love and have happiness no matter what life might bring. Now I do my best to carry that joy in my heart and share it with my life every chance I can.

May this joy become a permanent guest in your soul as well. May you choose it, cherish it, and create it from your first kiss to your last sigh. May you give it to everyone you meet and make your little corner of the Earth feel more like a little corner of Heaven.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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