My Momís Treasures

While she was alive my Mom was one of the richest people on Earth. Her treasures were glorious to behold. Her wealth wasnít in her bank account, though. Like most people we lived from paycheck to paycheck and much of the food we ate was grown in our own gardens. She didnít have a big house. For most of my childhood we lived in my Grandmotherís home that was built mainly from two, old shanty cars. My Mom didnít own an expensive car. I remember my brothers and me crowding into the backseat of our tiny, old sedan whenever we went anywhere. She didnít own any fancy gems. The only jewelry I can ever remember her wearing were her wedding and motherís rings. There were no designer clothes or fur coats in her closet. She wore blue jeans and blouses almost everyday of her life.

My Momís treasures were far more precious than just things. She had a kind heart. She was always ready to help anyone at anytime. She had a giving spirit. Although we didnít have much she was always willing to share what we did have with others. She had a gentle laugh. I remember as a boy sitting on the porch listening to my parents talk and hoping to hear the sweet sound of my Momís laughter. She had a loving soul. It make her eyes sparkle, her smile shine, and it overflowed in everything she did. She lived a good life. Even though we were poor in the eyes of the world, I always felt wealthy when I was around her. She gave me the riches of love, hugs, and happiness and I know that she is now enjoying Godís treasures in Paradise.

The American dream has always been that we could do better than our parents did. We could get a better education, a better job, a better home, and a better income. My own dream is different. My dream is that I may one day be half as loving, giving, kind, gentle, and good, as my Mom was. My dream is to always make her smile as she watches over me from Heaven.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2012 ( - {used with permission} ]

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