Mysterious Ways

God sometimes works in mysterious and wondrous ways. If you donít believe me then let me share with you what happened here recently. I was out walking my dogs a few days ago when my neighbor called out to me. She was upset and asked if I had seen her own little black dog. It had gotten out of her yard and hadnít come back since that morning. I spent the rest of that afternoon helping my neighbors search for him but to no avail. That night I said a little prayer that he would be found or follow his nose back home.

The next day I was catching up with some friends on Facebook when I saw a picture that my cousin had posted online. There he was. His black furry face was looking sadly into the camera. I quickly let my cousin know that it may be my neighborís dog that she had found and rescued. Then my son, neighbor, and I hopped into my car and drove the half mile to my cousinís house. The little pooch was waiting for us on the porch and was more than happy to get back home into his ownerís loving arms.

Now isnít it amazing that a lost little dog found his way safely through woodlands and a very busy roadway to the home of my cousin? Isnít it amazing that my cousin would post his picture online and that it would travel through cyberspace right to my waiting eyes the next day? Is it all just a big coincidence or is there perhaps a Loving, Heavenly hand at work behind it all?

What I do know is that this is just one of a hundred times that Godís mysterious, wondrous, and loving ways have been shown to me. I fully believe that He is watching over us, guiding us, and giving us all countless opportunities to help, learn, and love here. All we have to do is open our hearts to His love, our minds to His guidance, and our lives to His will. Then our own lost souls will find their way back home again into His loving arms.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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