Part Of The Choir

When I was a boy our church didnít have a choir so everyone was expected to sing. That didnít bother me since I was an enthusiastic singer to say the least. Still, my talent didnít quite match my zest for singing. More often than not I was too loud and off key. Many times my singing would get me a nudge and a look from my older brother. In time, though, I learned to sing more softly and found that even my less than perfect voice blended in beautifully with the choir of joyous singers that was our church.

As I grew up too I found many other ways to sing my soulís song without using my throatís voice. One way was by putting a pen to paper and later my fingers to a keyboard. In this way I was able to share the inspiring thoughts, words, and experiences that my Heavenly Father so often gave me. In this way I was able to encourage others as well to choose love, share joy, and grow in oneness with God even as I learned to do so more and more in my own life.

As the years have gone by too I have realized something. I am only one voice in millions out there writing, speaking, and singing out the beautiful truth for all the world to hear. I often see the others online, in newspapers, on television, in books, and even on the street. Some have become rich and famous for the work they have done, but most like me are just delighting in freely sharing the wisdom, joy, love, and light that God has given them.

Now I find myself happy to be a part of a new choir that is doing all it can to bring the glorious music of love to this world. I hope that you will join it as well. You may be just one voice among many, but if you share your soulís song you can add so much to the choir. It doesnít matter either if your voice or life is less than perfect. If you sing your song and live your life with love, you can help to make the Earth sound a lot more like Heaven.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2009 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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