Peace in the Storm

A few days ago, my wife and I were visiting Niagara Falls. While walking around the park, I happened to stop and take a close look at the water rushing under the bridge. About one hundred yards to my right, millions of gallons per minute were rushing over the falls and crashing into the boulders beneath. As far as I could see to my left, whitecaps of water were cascading under the bridge at about 50 miles per hour toward the falls. Anyone or anything caught in that water would be thrown over the falls before they had an opportunity to escape. I was captivated by the force flowing under my feet. But then something caught my eye!

Right under my feet I saw a mixture of  a huge boulder holding and tree limb and right in front of the boulder were two ducks in a pool of water surrounded by all that chaos. Seemingly oblivious to the danger all about them, those ducks just went about their business of swimming back and forth while feeding from the water.

Obviously, the ducks flew in and would fly out, but their presence reminded me of the Scriptures. The event is told of  the Disciples in a boat in a storm while Jesus was asleep in the boat. When the Disciples felt threatened by the storm, they began crying out to Jesus for help, being afraid of the present danger.

When the storms of life invade our peaceful world and corrupt our lifestyle, if Jesus is in the boat with us, He makes it easier to swim in the calm of  His  peace than to fret about the dangers that surround us. With Him there with us, He will either give us peace in the storm, or calm the storm.

[ by: Lawrence Brotherton -- from 'Aiken Drum' ( ]


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