Ready To Fly

Something new showed up on my Dadís front porch this Spring: a nest. A robin decided that the top of a corner post just under the metal roof would be the perfect place to put her new home. Slowly she started to build it stick by stick. My Dad noticed what she was doing and tossed her work back off the porch, hoping that she would take the hint and choose a nearby tree instead. The robin was determined, however, and kept returning to rebuild her nest again and again. Finally, my Dad gave in and let her finish her work. When it was done the robin laid her eggs and settled into her warm, dry, safe home.

A few weeks later three tiny heads suddenly emerged over the corner of the nest. I had never seen baby birds so close up before. Each one looked like a tiny vulture dressed in a fluffy, wool sweater. I watched in wonder as the little heads tilted back and the ugly beaks stretched wide to receive the food that was dropped into them. I knew too that their mom would continue her work everyday, lovingly feeding her babies until they were grown, beautiful, and ready to fly.

Watching those baby birds made me think too about how so many of us huddle in our own nests day after day waiting for the time when we will be ready to fly. So many of us look over the edge terrified to make that first leap to live and to love. So many of us spend our hours dreaming of soaring in the clouds while we sit scared on a pile of sticks.

We arenít meant to hide in our nests, though. God created us to fly. God created us to soar into the sky on the wings of love and joy. God created us to go higher and higher with every good thought we think and kind act we do. We just have to make that first leap. Donít let the birds have all the fun then. You are ready. Live well, fly high, and help a few others out of their nests along the way. Keep your spirit in the heavens even while your feet are here on Earth.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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