Redirected Traffic

It was a sunny but cold Winter day here in the mountains where I live. I was driving home along the clear, dry roads. The last snow had been over a week ago but down the sides of the hills lining the highway the huge walls of ice were still melting. As I started to round a particularly sharp curve I noticed that a large chunk of this ice had broken off and fallen into the road. I was bearing down on it fast. Instinctively I braked and quickly steered my car to the other lane to miss it. Just as I did, however, I noticed something else. A small, black dog was walking in my former lane just beyond where the ice had fallen. If I had still been in that lane I would have surely hit him. Slowing down I honked my horn. The startled pooch looked at me for a moment and then ran off the road and into the safety of the woods.

I pulled over to a wide spot and parked. Then I quickly walked back to the large chunk of ice and moved it off the road so no one would hit it. As I walked back to my car I looked up at the sky. The clouds had just parted again to allow the sun to shine through. I smiled and thanked God for putting that ice chunk just where it needed to be to keep me from hitting that little dog.

As I continued driving home I started thinking of all the times that God in His infinite love must have redirected traffic in my own life. How many times had I been the foolish dog walking into traffic only to have God redirect things so I wouldnít be run over? How many times had God spared me the full consequences of my own stupidity? How many times had God given me another chance to find my way back to the right path without being hurt?

God loves us all so much. He watches over us, guides us, and protects us more than we know. Letís do our best then to make His job easier. Letís live wisely, love deeply, and choose daily to be His Children. Letís take His hand and joyfully walk with Him forever.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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