Romantic Love--The Thrill Factor

Some individuals feel uncertain about the value of romantic love because they confuse the genuine article with that frothy substitute known as temporary infatuation.

Some try to suppress all thought of romantic love because they are not experiencing it. Some rationalize, "I don't have it; it must not exist." Others think, "It's not possible in my marriage."

In spite of all this, just about everyone inwardly longs for a thrilling relationship involving oneness, a deep intimacy with another person, joy and optimism, spice and excitement, and that wonderful, euphoric, almost indescribable sensation known as "being in love." Some people say they are "on cloud nine." They mean that they feel energized, motivated, confident to conquer because they know they are loved by their beloved. There is a sense of awe in feeling chosen for this blessed state. With it goes a thrill of anticipation in being together. Most important, a fresh sense of purpose sweetens life because the two have found each other and have, as the expression goes, "fallen in love."

This is not overstating the case. As a physician, I have seen that the emotions of romantic love give people a new outlook on life and a sense of well-being. Romantic love is good medicine for fears and anxieties and a low self-image. Psychologists point out that real romantic love has an organizing and constructive effect on personalities. It brings out the best in us, giving us the will to improve ourselves and to reach for a greater maturity and responsibility. This love enables us to begin to function at our highest level.

Quite honestly, if you are not in love with your marriage partner in this way, you are missing something wonderful, no matter how sincere your commitment to that person may be. Even contentment can be dull and drab in comparison with the joy God planned for you with your marriage partner.

...The relationship you would like to have can happen, but not by accident.

[ By Ed Wheat, M.D. ('Love Life') -- from 'Love Quotes' ( ]


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