Storm In Progress - Hurricanes Of The Heart

I live in "tornado alley" in the Midwest, and while tornadoes are not funny at all, I do have a funny memory of my feisty, elderly mom climbing into a bathtub with some sort of huge pillow protection over her head as the sirens rang. It was the safest place in the house--and she remained there as long as she could, which was not very long! She climbed back out--BEFORE the "all clear" siren blew--prayed, trusted the Lord, and fortunately, the tornado warnings passed, she was safe and sound, and none the worse for her hairy, scary experience.

Hurricanes are another horrendous matter--I've never been in one, but many have, with devastation and destruction in the path of the storm. Hurricanes can brew up suddenly, come from no where and cause havoc everywhere! And so it is with hurricanes of the heart--I've been THERE and so have you. Put on your rain gear and high boots--we're about to head right into a hurricane happening now--in somebody's world, maybe yours!

The hurricane starts with a small squalor we call the Hassles of Life...little things that cause disturbing annoyances in our lives--we all have them. But it doesn't stop there. It builds onto a new level...the Hurts of Life, and they can blow fiercely, cutting right into the soul and depressing the spirit--we all have those too. THEN, as if it's not enough, here comes the Heavy Stuff of Life...the full-blown storm, the unexpected crisis of health, family, church, life--it happens to us all too. It threatens to devastate and destroy us and we'd be blown away...were it not...were it not...

for the EYE of the STORM...a place a refuge to which we can flee...the place where GOD Himself resides in perfect stillness, calmness, security, and peace. You are safe in the Father's arms....if you will run there today. Going through a hurricane of the heart today? Hassles? Hurts? Heavy stuff? No emergency aid of any federal government can help; no person can know your pain--but God does. And HE will be there to hold you and to see you through--flee to the EYE OF THE STORM today and know His peace!

Scripture: Psalm 91 -- The Safety Psalm.
Prayer: "Lord, I'm in the middle of a hurricane right now. The hassles, hurts and heavy stuff of life are about to overwhelm my spirit, soul, and limit of endurance. Help me, Lord...I run to the Eye of the Storm; I remain in Your secure, still, sovereign presence, and I know Your peace; I claim it today, In Jesus' Name, Amen."

~ Peggie C. Bohanon ~
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[ by Peggie C. Bohanon. Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Peggie C. Bohanon ]


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