The Big Box

Back when my two oldest children were just two and four years old we lived in a small apartment above an old drug store. It had only a single bedroom, so we had converted the tiny dining area into a bedroom for the kids. I remember it only had enough room for 3 things: two small beds and one big box. Every evening my wife and I would gather up all the kids toys that were scattered throughout the apartment and fill up the big box for the night. We would then kiss our babies goodnight and walk into the living room to read or watch television.

One evening, however, as we were reading we heard the sound of giggling from the other room. When we rounded the corner we found piles of stuffed animals, blocks, toy cars and coloring books thrown across the floor and on the beds. As we turned to the big box we saw two smiling faces looking up at us from within it. We smiled down on them as well. Then we gave our two pajama wearing, box loving, fort dwellers a good tickling before having them help clean up the mess and get back in bed. As I remember those delightful moments from so many years ago one thing still amazes me. That is of all the different toys they had back then my two, little children liked and enjoyed that big, cardboard box most of all.

Maybe we can all learn something from those two, little toddlers. This world is full of wonderful things to enjoy and take pleasure in. The most wonderful thing of all, though, is the big box that holds them all: life itself. It is big enough for all the dreams in our minds and love in our hearts. It is big enough to invite others in to play, learn, and grow. It is big enough to become anything you want it to be and anything you choose to make it. Enjoy all of your adventures in this big box of life then. Play, dream, laugh, learn, and love. And always remember that your loving Father in Heaven is smiling down on you as well.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2008 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]


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