The First Leaf

It was an early August night. Even with the fans on the heat was stifling as I tried to sleep. I awoke early, wiped the sweat from my forehead, and took my dogs out for their morning walk. The lone Maple tree in my backyard kept a quiet watch on the rising sun. As I walked over to it I was surprised to see the first red leaf of the year glowing in the grass below it.

I gently picked up the red leaf and smiled. In the midst of the Summerís heat and humidity it signaled the coming Fall. It was leading the way to a glorious change that would soon take place. I could feel the cooler breezes blowing on my face. I could see the trees covered with thousands of red, yellow, burgundy, and orange leaves shimmering in the sunlight. I could see the forests and mountains here painted by Heavenís own hand. I could feel the joy of a beautiful Autumn awakening in my soul.

I took the little leaf into my home so I could see it every day. I still smile every time I look at it. It reminds me that there is a radiant, red leaf in all of us just waiting to come out. It reminds me that on the hottest Summerís day and coldest Winterís night we can still share our love and joy with others. It reminds me that our purpose is to add the colors of Heaven to the sometimes grey world around us. I only wish that I had been the first leaf of Fall instead of such a late changer myself.

Whether you changed sooner or later isnít important, however. What is important is that you shine today. What matters is that you make this world a better and more loving place now. Let your true colors out then. Share a smile. Give a hug. Say a kind word. Feed the hungry. Visit the lonely. Comfort the crying. Care for the hurting. Show others just how much God loves them from the life you lead. Then your soul will glow like the leaves of Heaven.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2010 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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