The Home In Which We Live

I spent this morning cleaning up the home in which I live. Now I am not talking about the house I am sitting in right now. As I look around I can see the sink is still full of dirty dishes. Dust is starting to collect on the pictures, counter tops, and even my computer again. Dirt needs to be swept up from the floor and pet hair needs to be cleaned off the couch. The water in the turtleís aquarium has to be changed. Two loads of dirty laundry need to be washed and dried. And the bathrooms could really use a cleaning again too.

Yet, as I look at my dirty, little house I still have to smile, because I know that the home in which I live is clean right now. That home is my soul. When I woke up this morning I noticed that it too had become cluttered, messy, and dusty again. I wasnít about to let it stay that way for long, though. I have learned the hard way that a messy soul leads to a messed up day and that messed up days lead to a wasted life.

I spent the morning then cleaning my soul from top to bottom. I swept the negative thoughts from my mind and the harmful feelings from my heart. Worries, anger, hatred, and fear were tossed in the garbage can. Jealousy, envy, judgments, and desires were gathered up and thrown out. I polished the furniture with a soothing prayer. I washed down the walls with gratefulness to God. I freshened the air with the sweet scent of love and when I was done I felt peaceful and happy in my home once more.

The house in which I sit may need a lot of work, but it will have to wait its turn. The home in which I live is what I am most concerned about. I hope that the same is true for you. I hope that you always strive to keep your soul bright, beautiful, and full of Godís love and light. Remember when die you will leave your house behind, but you will take your home with you.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2012 ( - {used with permission} ]

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