The Real First Day Of Spring

In the mountains where I live there are always two first days of Spring. There is the first one that shows up on the calendar in March and then there is the second one that comes later on. The second one is the real one. It is the first day when you can feel in your heart and soul that Spring has finally arrived.

I felt that real first day of Spring recently. The sun was gently making its way across the sky and bathing the world in its golden warmth. The temperatures climbed steadily into the seventies. The breezes tickled instead of biting into my face. On the trees I could see the first buds and blossoms of the year. For the first time in months flowers were showing their heads above the ground and stretching their bodies toward the light. Sweet, loving birdsongs were serenading the world from the trees. Hikers were walking the roads and paths in t-shirts and tennis shoes. On a playground I saw a girl determinedly running with a kite behind her rising higher and higher. Near her a boy was throwing a stick again and again while a happy dog brought it back to him every time.

As I walked through this amazing day I could feel the Springtime in my own soul awakening once again. My eyes and heart cleared and I saw this world as the beautiful and blessed place that it is. I looked around and felt my love going out to everyone I saw. I knew each one of them was a fellow Child of God put here to learn, grow, and love. I felt the love of our Heavenly Father surrounding us all and my hope was renewed that one day all of us would live as the family we are. I felt as if a day in Heaven had somehow made its way down here to Earth.

Days like that may seem rare, but they donít have to be. By allowing Godís love to warm our hearts and by sharing our love with the world we can make everyday the first day of Spring.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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