The Small Still Voice

It was a sunny, Spring day, but that was lost on me. In my mind a thousand concerns and worries were racing around and around. Looking back now I canít for the life of me remember a single one of them. In the days that followed like most worries they all either faded or amounted to nothing. At the time, though, they seemed like they were going to wreck my life. I had even foolishly taken the day off work so I could spend more time on my worrying. I couldnít think. I couldnít relax. I couldnít even sit still.

Hoping to clear my head I drove to a local lake that had a graveled path around it. As I walked along my brain continued to race. Halfway around I stopped at a small bench and sat down. My legs werenít tired, but my brain was exhausted.

After sitting a few minutes I just let go and stopped thinking. I listened to the gentle music of the birds singing their love songs in the trees. I watched as the sun sparkled and danced off the crystal clear waves of the lake. I noticed the first wild flowers of Spring growing towards the light. I breathed in the fresh, clean air. I felt at peace for the first time all day. It was then that I heard the small, still voice of God whispering in my mind. "What are you so worried about?," He said. "I have loved you since the day you were born. I love you now. And I will continue to love you forever." I stayed happily there on that bench for a long time. And when I finally left I took the peace and love with me. I remember singing childhood hymns as I half walked and half danced the rest of the way around the lake. It felt so good knowing that I was loved.

The next time that the foolish voices of worry start chattering in your head, tell them to shut up. Then sit down, be quiet, and listen for the small, still voice of God. He will be there waiting to love you, to guide you, to strengthen you, and to bless you with His peace forever.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

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