The Way We See It

The eye doctor instructed her patient to read a chart on the wall. He looked at it and read, "A, B, F, N, L and G."

The doctor turned the light back on and wrote in her notebook.

"How'd I do, Doc?" the patient wondered.

She replied, "Let's put it this way -- they're numbers."

"But Doc," he argued, "this is the way I see it!"

Much of our happiness or unhappiness is a result of our perception. "This is the way I see it," we say, at least to ourselves.

A problem can be a challenge that energizes me to action or an obstacle that stops further progress. "This is the way I see it."

A new situation can be fearful or fun. "This is the way I see it."

A busy day can be cause for gladness that life is full and useful, or it can be a reason for me to complain. "This is the way I see it."

An unexpected intrusion can be a source of irritation that my agenda was interrupted, or it can quite possibly be the most important thing I encounter that day. "This is the way I see it."

An error can be the beginning of a new learning or an occasion to berate myself. "This is the way I see it."

Holidays can be times of anxiety and stress or times to seek solitude and contentment. "This is the way I see it."

It's not always about what is happening to me -- it's about the way I see it.

Marcel Proust observed that "the real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." It's the way we see it.

    ~ Steve Goodier ~

[ by: Steve Goodier ( -- {used with permission} ]

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