Through His Eyes

     My oldest son is always the first to get the Christmas Spirit in our house. He usually gets it a few weeks before Thanksgiving. It is a joy to watch. With both the heart of a child and the soul of an angel he cherishes everything about this time of the year. He takes so much happiness in putting our decorations up. He takes so much pleasure in our evening drives to look at the outdoor lights on other people’s houses. He takes so much delight in singing in the school choir’s Christmas show. He laughs and smiles though every Christmas movie we watch. He enjoys all the Christmas music in the air. He always shakes the hands of the Salvation Army bell ringers while I put cash in their kettles. He always enjoys the presents we get him too, but the present he gives us is far more precious. That present is seeing the way he lives with so much peace and happiness every single day of his life. He is the embodiment of the Christmas Spirit all year long.

     I am sure that God and all the angels must be smiling down as they watch this "special" son of mine. He lives the way we all should live. He sees the beauty of the world, the miracle of life, and the love of God in all things. He awakens the Christmas Spirit in me and everyone else he meets. I could never be a Scrooge myself, because I have the Spirit of Christmas Love and Joy sleeping down the hall from me. I only wish that the whole world could see Christmas and life through his eyes.

     My simple Christmas hope then is that all of you try to see life with the same joy, love, kindness, peace, happiness, wonder, and delight that my son does. If you do this you truly will be giving yourself a glorious gift. If you do this God and His angels will always be smiling down on you. If you do this everyday will be Christmas.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella ( -- {used with permission} ]


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