To Be Alive -- From Cuts to Love

 If you are thinking about ending your life, please take a moment to read this. 

It's been almost a year for me now, and I thank God for every minute of my life. Alone and scared, it seemed to be my only escape from the pain, but fortunately, I had the courage to make the most important phone call I have ever made, I dialed the number to my college counselor, and my life has never been the same.

I am now working towards a career helping college students deal with issues in their own lives and live each day to the fullest, sharing it with my family, friends, and a man who I love with all of my heart.
          I shouldn't be alive today
          But God had other plans for me
          From His deep love I turned away
          Cuts and blood only I could see.

          I shouldn't have wished life to cease
          That night so close to Christmas Eve
          With phone in hand and wrapped in fleece
          A loving voice, "Please do not leave."

          I shouldn't see the warm sun rise
          Or feel wind brush past my face
          God saved my life and dried my eyes
          Past lines upon my arms I trace.

          I shouldn't be alive today
          But God had other plans for me
          Now cuts and blood I turn away
          To God I look, and love I see.

~ Jessica ~

Editor: Choose to be alive - NOT suicide.

[ by: Jessica, Copyright © 2005 ( - submitted by: Jessica ]


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