Bad Weather And Good Hearts

It is amazing how even the worst times can be used by our loving God to bring out the best in us. I saw ample evidence of this recently when a fast moving Winter storm dumped an incredible two and a half feet of snow here. Cars were buried, businesses and schools were closed, roads were impassible, people were stranded, and tree limbs were snapped taking down power lines with them. A state of emergency was declared and it looked like the bad weather had beaten us all down forever. In the mist of all this misery, though, the best in everyone emerged.

We slowly came out of our houses, grabbed our snow shovels, and went to work. We started by shoveling out our drives and cars. We greeted neighbors doing the same. Then we started helping each other whenever we could. Snow blowers were shared. Paths were dug out so little dogs could have a place to walk and relieve themselves. Anyone with an extra snow plow attached it to their truck and cleared side drives while the state workers cleared the main roads. People who still had electricity thanked God for it and then went out to help those who had lost theirs. Electric line workers were tireless in their efforts to restore as many homes power as quickly as possible and every person whose home was lit back up smiled with a new appreciation for the energy they once took for granted. Families gathered around stoves, hugged each other in blankets, and looked out on the majestic mountains covered in snow. Then when the warm sun returned after days of cold they greeted it like a long lost friend. They watched the beautiful sunrise too like it was for the very first time.

All of this gave me a new respect for all the tough times and bad weather I have faced in my own life. I see now that God is always with us in our Winter nights as well as our Summer days. I see too that our love and joy sometimes grow warmest when life is at its coldest.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2009 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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