What Do You See?

Do you believe that reality just is and thereís nothing you can do to change it? Do you think that what youíre experiencing day to day is pretty much set in stone? That youíre too old, stubborn or poor for life to be any different?

I used to think that way. There was a time when I looked at my life and thought, well, these are the cards I've been dealt and, as bad as it is, I'll just have to accept it. Not that my life has been really bad--it hasn't been, but it wasn't absolutely wonderful. At least thatís how I saw it.

Thatís the key. I was using the wrong eyes to view my life. My visions were of struggle, boredom, and judgment. These things I saw through my physical eyes, which passed this information along to my brain, which said, OK, since thatís what you see, then thatís what I'll keep making you think you have.

Thanks, but no thanks. I know better now.

Somewhere along the way, my inner eyes caught my attention. I suppose their eyelids had been fluttering for quite some time, but who knew?

My inner eyes, I call them the eyes of my soul, see nothing but love and joy. Thatís it! There are no other options available to them.

My physical eyes can't understand this. They want to argue and say, No, no, no! The REAL world does not look that way! They have since learned that love and joy don't argue back. They just shine until the protestor shuts up.

My inner eyes look at traffic jams and say, Oh, what a perfect chance to meditate! They look at a judgmental person and say, That person deserves blessings to soothe his or her unhappiness. They see a small bank balance as an opportunity to attract replenishment. Lots of it.

The eyes of my soul see only the soulís eyes of everyone they meet, whether or not the person is aware of their own inner eyes. These eyes are made of love and can only see in others what they, themselves, are made of. My physical eyes have decided that love is a glorious color and are now more quick to join in this vision than they were in the past.

Inner eyes insist on loving experiences. They always seek and find love, even in situations where the physical eyes would definitely not choose love. As a result, joy always surrounds each experience viewed by the inner eyes. My soulís eyes have taught me that love and joy go hand in hand, like lifetime friends that will never part.

When youíre living from your heart, youíre allowing your inner eyes to shine. Youíre letting love go before you into all aspects of your daily life, to pave your path with joy. As the Universe would have it, the act of putting this love forth leaves you open to receiving it back tenfold.

Itís really that simple. See your life as full of love and joy. Show love in your thoughts, words, and deeds. Before you know it, your physical eyes will have no other choice but to agree that this is the life they were meant to see all along.

The greatest tragedy of life
is not that men perish,
but that they cease to love.
W. Somerset Maugham

[ Janet Wilson © 1999 -- from 'Love Quotes' ]


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