Where The Light Is

There is a delightful, old story that always brings a smile to my face. One day a man was walking down the street and saw his friend crawling around on his hands and knees looking for something. The man asks his friend what he is looking for on the ground. His friend says, "I lost my key." The man feels sorry for his friend and gets down to help look for it. After a long time of looking without success the man asks his friend where he was standing when he lost his key. The friend replies, "Oh, I lost it in my house." Outraged by this the man asks why they are looking on the street then. His friend says, "Because there is more light here."

As funny as that sounds it is the way a lot of people think. They want to know the purpose of their lives. They want to figure out the secret to their own happiness. They want to find the key to living a loving and joyous life. Yet, they look everywhere except inside of themselves. Perhaps they think it is too dark and frightening to look within for these answers. They keep looking on the outside instead because they think the light is better there.

The truth is if they were willing to look within they would find a light far brighter and more illuminating than any on the outside. They would find the glorious glow of their own souls that have been patiently waiting for their arrival. They would find the love of God that lights up the world and the light of their own love as well. They would find a beautiful fire that would warm their hearts and that they could give to everyone everywhere.

Donít be afraid to look on the inside. The light on the outside is nowhere near as magnificent and golden as the loving light that shines from your own soul. Godís loving light lives within each of us. That is the light you should seek. That is the light that will guide you to a joyous life and that is the light that you should share with the whole world.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2009 (joecool@wirefire.com) -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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