Why So Downcast?

My eyes have never beheld what I believe I will one day possess.

My hands have never touched hands damaged in crucifixion, yet I believe I will one day touch them.

My feet have never touched pavement of gold, yet one day I fully expect to walk on such streets.

My mind has never understood the mysteries of God, yet there will come a day when it will all make sense.

So until then, I will rejoice in what I do not possess because I have something that will carry me in confidence until that moment arrives. What will carry me is the belief that the Father has fully paid my sin debt which gives me the freedom to love and follow where He leads.

I donít need to see it or hold it in my hands to believe that it is real.

Some say seeing is believing - but for me itís the opposite. Belief comes first, seeing will come soon enough. I am willing to wait.

I have been forgiven. I have been loved. I have chosen to love and forgive in return. My heart yearns for a day, a time, a moment. Yet in that special moment there will no longer be a need for time. I donít have to understand it all to hunger for my first taste of eternity.

My life can be lived in no other way than to believe, for without this trust, this conviction, this joyous confidence - I would become a pitiful cynic. A man in desperate need for the one thing I have rejected; The one thing that provides a doorway to joy, peace and contentment, the one thing so closely linked to love and faith.

We have a future and a promise. God has a plan for our good. Heís preparing a place just for us. Heís promised to come back for us.

We, more than all others, have the greatest reason to bubble over with this most joyous anticipation.

It is because of the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesusí that we have been given yet another wonderful gift from the hand of God Himself.

That gift is hope.

- Glenn A. Hascall -

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2004 (cmi@prairieweb.com) -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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