Your Own Spring

I sent my Aunt another birthday card today. It was nowhere near her birthday but that didnít matter. You see, my Aunt has lived over eighty years in this world. She has done her best to make each and every day of them too a celebration of love, kindness, giving, and good cheer. I saw no reason then to limit such a beautiful soul to just one card a year.

The card I sent her this time had a beautiful Spring scene on the front of it. It was full of blossoming trees and blooming flowers. It felt especially good sending it out today too, because I had just finished my second round of shoveling out the drive in two days. A foot and a half of freshly fallen snow had covered everything, closed schools, and made any flowers in the ground here shiver and think twice about ever coming out again.

As I mailed out my Auntís card, though, I remembered one of the many things that I have learned from her over the years. "If you want to make it through lifeís Winter days then you have to carry your own Spring within you." That is what she always did. Even when the heaviest of snows fell in her life, her spirit stayed sunny. Even when this world was cold and bitter, she still warmed everyone around her with her laughter and her smile. Even when she had to dig out from under lifeís pains and troubles, she always carried a flower garden of faith, love and caring in her heart.

Spring will be here soon, I know. In life, however, Winter days can come at any time and in any season. If you are going through some right now remember that God loves you. Remember that each day you wake up is another day that you can be reborn in love and joy. Remember that even when you are shoveling snow in the world, you can still be planting flowers in your soul. And remember that even when Winter drags on and on, you can still share your Spring.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~

[ by: Joseph J. Mazzella Copyright © 2010 ( -- submitted by: Joseph Mazzella ]

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