Jesus showing His loving care for us.


If all of life was sunshine
and we never had any rain.
If all of life was pleasure
and we never felt any pain.

If our paths were always clear
and no obstacles in our way.
If we never had to press
to make it through the day.

If we never had to shed tears
or sorrow pierce our hearts.
If we never experienced grief
or had a loved one to depart.

If sickness never came
and friends were never few.
If we had all the answers
and knew just what to do.

Then we wouldn't call on God
or go to Him in prayer.
And we wouldn't know His power
or ever feel His loving care.

~ Lenora McWhorter ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Lenora McWhorter, Copyright © 2011 ( ) -- submitted by: Lenora McWhorter ]


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