Picture of a man on his knees huging Jesus, and wanting to be saved.

Jesus Saves!  Jesus Saves!

The accumulation of our sin
Was a weighty cross to bare
Our sins of past, present, and future
Hung Lord Jesus there
But mighty were those arms of love
Stretched out for you and me
Worthy were those feet that walked
And prayed in Gethsemane

From His side poured out water and blood
Not one bone was broken
Fulfilled prophecy to the letter
Thus our God had spoken
Here the Saviour of the world
Obedient to His Father's will
Gave up the ghost and died our death
So He could Deliver still

Deliver still He does our Lord
Sinners He saves by grace
Whomsoever shall call upon Christ's name
Will see Him face to face
He is the Resurrection and the Life
He's conqueror over the grave
Tell the world this story brother
Jesus Saves!  Jesus Saves!

~ Gary James Smith ~
Copyright © 2013
March 29, 2013, 4:30 a.m.
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Gary James Smith, Copyright © 2013 ( garyjamessmith2005@yahoo.ca ) -- from: Gary James Smith ]

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