Lake and Mountains.


          Good at last to be settled in,
          And once again be by the lake;
          With mountains looming all around,
          Blessings like this aren't hard to take.

          The size fits us just perfectly,
          Now that we are down to just three;
          All is in a place of its own,
          Including the dogs, Jon and me.

          Things to do not too far away,
          Jon's school is better than his old;
          Off the mountain and farther south,
          Thank You God, it's not quite so cold.

          But soon the lake may be frozen,
          Then I can simply drive across;
          There is nothing to fear they say,
          In eighty years only twelve lost.

          Today we woke up to light rain,
          Groton has six inches of snow;
          Thank You, my Lord, for blessing us,
          In Your wisdom we trust, You know.

          Yes, this was a very smart move,
          There are less headaches all around;
          Let me always listen to You,
          With God, infinite peace I've found.

          I've been moved in more ways than one,
          Now one more step closer to You;
          Blessings You continue to give,
          In ways before, I never knew.

          Thank You, my Lord, for loving us,
          We're richer than we've ever been;
          You've filled our cup to overflow,
          My Lord, may I say thanks again?

~ Paul D. Berube ~
November 25, 2008
at our home in Groton, NH

[ by: Paul D. Berube Copyright © 2007 ( ) -- submitted by: Paul D. Berube ]

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