A Babe's Prayer

Within the heart of a tiny child
lies the seed of hope so great.
Within that child, so close to God~
lies our future, our world, our fate.

The earth moves forward~
the young grow old.
The wee ones possess
the stories untold.

The cycle of life,
the seedling and the tree.
The future of the child~
for you and for me.

When you lose your way,
and you feel despair~
find the eyes of a child~
the answer's there.

Life's greatest treasure~
the missing key~
Rests in the heart
of the little baby.

For in that child
is our tomorrow.
The power to erase~
sadness and sorrow.

But, we must comply
to the Great One above.
By our own example~
fill the babe with Love.

The silent prayers
we don't understand~
whispered by the babe~
spread across the land.

On angel's wings~
their words unfurl.
The hope for tomorrow~
A babe's prayer for the world.

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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