Orphan boy

A Child Like Me

          With saddened eyes and head bent low,
          It's damaged goods most see,
          With an unclear past and broken heart,
          Who would want a child like me?
          I watch you walk into the room,
          From a distance I can see,
          But dare I take a closer step?
          Who would want a child like me?
          And then I see you look my way,
          You smile so tenderly,
          But do I even dare to dream,
          You would want a child like me?
          And then as if I spoke out loud
          You approach me cautiously,
          I try so hard to once believe,
          She will want a child like me.
          But dare I once let down my guard,
          And trust that she will see,
          Hiding beneath this old stained shirt,
          Is a beautiful child like me?
          My smile they say lights up a room,
          I'll be good as good can be,
          Oh Please Dear God let her want,
          A special child like me.
          I feel her hand reach out for mine,
          And within her eyes I see,
          A single, tiny, shining tear,
          Could she want a child like me?
          And when she takes me in her arms,
          With a warmth so pure and new,
          She says the words I ve prayed to hear,
          The child I want is YOU.

~ Lisa J Schlitt ©2007 ~
All Rights Reserved 

[ Author: Lisa J Schlitt, Copyright © 2007 (p.schlitt@sympatico.ca) -- submitted by: Lisa J Schlitt ]


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