A Child of Love

      Today they're speaking about how he has grown
      Since that very first day when they brought him home
      And they're speaking of little things he says and does
      Forever changing their lives from the way that it was

      They watch as he plays with his fingers and toes
      Or how he turns cross-eyed from touching his nose
      He'll make funny faces and make silly sounds
      And of the love they have for him there is no bounds

      If mom's in the kitchen preparing the meals
      She'll know where to find him; he's right by her heels
      And somehow she'll just know all he's getting into
      It's something that most moms just know how to do

      Or he'll sit in his highchair looking a mess
      Always making them wonder why they got him dressed
      He'll make messes of sweet peas, of carrots, or pears
      'Til they say let's buy clothes with the food that he wears

      His dad picks him up and wipes off his chin
      Kidding, "Oh there you are, now where have you been?"
      And from the look in dad's eyes he'll see how he cares
      Not knowing that one day he'll give thanks he was there

      They will tell him there's nothing in life he can't do
      When there's love in your heart and strength inside you
      And they'll help him with sports and help him with school
      And they'll teach him of God and to never be cruel

      Tonight as they place him inside of his bed
      They'll wind up the carrousel hanging above his head
      And with a gleam in their eyes from their son's grin
      They'll watch 'til he drops watching animals spin

      He's more than they hoped for and a true gift of love
      Who when he's not with them he's all they think of
      And through him they will see that dreams do come true
      Making it easy to tell him everyday "we love you"

[ by Tom Quintana, Copyright © 2001 -- from Tom Quintana ]


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