A Conversation With God

Lord, I am in a quandrey,
And I don't know what to do...
I can't go into a nursing home,
I'm in the proverbial stew!

I make to much for Medicaid,
Just a few bucks over the top!
Not enough for assisted living,
Which leaves me in a spot!

I can't afford to hire help,
I'm not able to do it all by myself...
So what happens now, Lord,
As I sit here on my shelf?

My kids are all too busy,
They have problems of their own...
Why do the elderly have to suffer,
What can we do when we live alone?

In my day things were sure different,
Our parents we watched with loving care.
But now with Moms and Dads both working,
There's not much time to share.

So tell me, dear Father,
Who will cart the garbage away?
Who will help with the cleaning,
On every Saturday?

I can do the dusting,
And cook an occasional meal...
But most of the time I pay
For what's known as Meals on Wheels.

So here I am, dear Father,
Begging You for some aid...
Those who are harder up,
Live much easier on Medicaid.

And I know that you are my provider,
I lean on You alone...
To bring some sunshine into my life,
And I'll forget to moan and groan.

~ Eva May Young ~

It gives me a warm feeling in my heart to write poetry.  I am a "Golden Ager" shut-in and writing keeps my mind busy with something I've done ever since I was a child, and it's my way of sharing our LORD with who ever comes to visit.  Thanks for reading my poetry - I'd love to hear your comments.  May God richly bless you.  Send emails to:   EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net

[ by: Eva May Young Copyright © 2004 ( EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net ) -- submitted by Eva Young ]


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