A Cowboy's Lament

Dear Lord, got nuthin' speshul,
Jest wanna chat with Yew...
Got nuthin' in this whole wide world
Thet I would druther dew.

Lord, ain't much new on this end,
Guess thangs stay 'bout the same...
But I jest gotta set a spell
An' praise Yore preshus Name.

Yew know I luv Yew, Jesus,
But times seem way too few
Thet I set down these weary bones
An' talk thangs out with Yew.

Yew've blessed me more'n my share,
An' when my road gits rough...
Doggoned if Yew ain't always thar,
Cain't thank Yew nare enuf.

I got me Sam's ol' houndawg,
Sam passed away last fall...
Thet houndawg pines an' whines all day,
He ain't no use a'toll.

Shucks, he's so downright heartbroke,
Keeps yelpin' like a sow...
He's homesick fer his master's touch,
But Sam's at *Yore* place now.

I know jest how he feels, Lord,
Sumtimes I'm homesick, too...
Jest hankerin' fer my Master's touch,
Jest hankerin', Lord, fer Yew.

So thank Yew, Lord, fer listenin',
Figgered Yew oughta know...
Sum days I miss Yew so durn much
I gotta tell Yew so!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"You have sorrow now,
but I will see you again
and then you will rejoice;
and no one can rob you of that joy."
(John 16:22, LB)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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