A Day In The Life

Scrub a dub dub,

Two kids in a tub.

A splash and a giggle,

Fresh towel and a wiggle.

Wait, No! Dripping child, don't sit there!

A spritz of detangler

From the wet kiddie wrangler

As I drag the big comb through wet hair.

Shirt, pants, socks and shoes,

Half an hour of BLUE'S CLUES

Then we're hurriedly out the back door.

It's fifteen minutes in the car,

Though it isn't that far,

I'm exhausted once we've reached the store.

We make a game of our shopping,

Quick, no time for stopping,

And we make our way to the checkout stand.

Sort through all the coupons.

"Sorry, the kids opened the croutons."

And I place hard earned dough in his hand.

Now time for unloading.

And buckling both babes I `m holding

And then sluggishly make the home trip.

Fifteen minutes drive back,

Then tote in each full sack

Putting both sleepy tikes down to nap.

Stash away our supplies

While I rub tired eyes

Contemplating a snooze of my own.

It's only 1:00 now?

It just couldn't be! How?

But at last! I'm finally alone!

A short doze, a good read

And then a snack made with speed,

While I wait for the kids to awaken.

A few games of go fish,

A spilled cup, broken dish

Booboo kisses and a few snapshots taken.

Lord, my day is so long

Yet you keep me happy and strong

And You give me such joy in my children.

Sure there are days when I'd rather

There was someone else who could gather

And bath and feed and console

But Lord those thoughts are soon fleeting

When I hear the sweet greeting

I love you, Mommy

Thank You, Lord, for my role.

[ by: Robin Eaton -- submitted by: Robin Eaton (motherof3writer@hotmail.com) ]


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