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A Friend Like No Other

This is a variation of "A FRIEND INDEED" from the sixth book in my Lessons in Life series.

          Our Lord is watching over us,
          Can you feel His love in your heart?
          Through all the blessings that He sends,
          God offers us a brand new start.

          There is no need to be frightened,
          God only wants to be our friend;
          His kind hearted ways have no bounds,
          He'll stay with us through thick and thin.

          We simply need to be trusting,
          All it takes is a leap of faith;
          God will be there when we need Him,
          Though we're impatient, He's never late.

          Though our lives may be in turmoil,
          He helps us all sleep well each night;
          A true friend to watch over us,
          In His time, He'll make all things right.

          We're blessed, though we're not deserving,
          Why He loves us, I'll never know;
          We should be thankful for His love,
          In stronger faith we need to grow.

          God knows exactly what to do,
          How to help us and knows just when;
          Our enemies we need not fear,
          We are protected by a Friend.

~ Paul D. Berube ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Paul D. Berube Copyright © 2010 ( ) -- submitted by: Paul D. Berube ]

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