A Glimpse Into the Future

If we could get just one glimpse
Of what our future holds,
We would surely be more careful
Of how our life unfolds!

Just to get a glimpse
Of Hell's consuming flame,
Would surely cause us
To never be the same!

A glimpse should be enough
To show us what's ahead,
Unless we call on Jesus
Before the time we're dead!

A glimpse into Heaven
Gives us a hope for sure.
If we can just get there
Our heart must be so pure!

But Jesus, our Lord and Savior
Knocks on our heart's door.
Then when we ask Him in
He will leave us nevermore!

Then we shall one day see the whole,
Not just a glimpse of Heaven fair!
Let's go walk those streets of gold,
Then a glimpse can not compare!

~ Dot Wilson ~

[ by Dot Wilson Copyright © 2005, (dorothywilson007@bellsouth.net) -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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