A Hallway Spider

          "There's a spider! In the hallway!
          As you walk into the hall...
          As you start into the hallway,
          It's just halfway up the wall!

          "Be my hero, honey...get it!
          Yes, you're napping, hon, I know...
          But the bathroom's down that hallway,
          And I've really got to go!

          "O-o-ooh, it's running! At the top, now!
          See if you can reach that far...
          It's a big one! No! Don't squish it!
          Wait! I'll get a mayonnaise jar!

          "There it goes! There! Don't you see it?
          Git-it-git-it-git-it! ~ Hey!
          Watch the light-switch! Over here now,
          Ple-e-ease! Don't let it get away!

          "Here's the jar, hon...oh, so slow-ly...
          Gent-ly now...so it won't see...
          Good! You've got it! Here's the jar-lid!
          Careful now...don't let it free!

          "There it goes, down to the bottom...
          Yes! It's trapped!! I'm safe at last!!!
          Now, the bathroom! Gotta run, hon!
          Quick!! You've gotta let me past!!"


          "The spider taketh hold
          with her hands,
          and is in kings' palaces."
          (Proverbs 30:28 KJV)

          And, in common folks' hallways! :0)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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