A Lesson in Love

When my life seems turned upside down,
and no one loves me but You.
It would be so easy to quit right there,
but I know You don't want me to.

Though daily trials may be hard,
help me Lord, to see.
Remind me again that whatever comes,
You will take care of me.

So I won't fret, but will live in joy,
no matter what comes my way.
Ever knowing that You're in control,
each and every day.

Help me be patient, until you're through,
do with my life what You will.
I know You'll give me the strength I need,
up each and every hill.

Then later on and looking back,
when someone else feels this way.
I can take them by the hand,
and to them gently say.

Don't be discouraged, He hasn't forgotten.
He knows just what you feel.
Put your hand in His and trust Him now.
I KNOW our God is real!

If you make yourself realize this,
your troubles you can meet.
All you must do is trust in Him,
because He's in the driver's seat!

[ by Dot Wilson -- {used with permission} ]


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