A Letter to Grandma

        Dearest Grandma,

        Moments in time, each day passes by
        Thoughts of you Grandma with tears in my eyes.
        My mind floods with memories like a river runs wild
        It long ago started when I was a child.

        You cuddled me tightly right from the start
        And as I grew older, drew me close to your heart.
        Weekends with you, watching you bake
        Breakfast at sunrise, later some cake.

        Knitting, crocheting, on your couch we sat,
        Laughing and giggling and making small chat.
        You're a treasure of gold sent to me from above
        And your gift to me is the father I love.

        Your strength and your faith in times of distress
        Are like rose petals bound in a book, neatly pressed.
        Grandma, I love you and on that Great Day
        I'll see you again and have much to say.

        I'll hug you, I'll kiss you, I'll take you by the hand.
        We'll both stand with Jesus upon His Right Hand.
        We'll sing once again, we'll laugh and we'll smile,
        But until that day, I'll miss you for a while.

        But I know that you, in the Garden now stand
        With Jesus our Lord, holding His Precious hand.

[ Maria P. Urso, Copyright © 2001 ( -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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