Baby and Blanket.

A Lie

This was a story my mother told me when I asked her if she ever lied to me, other than Santa, the Easter Bunny, tooth fairy etc. She said she would never lie to me about anythng no matter what and this is why.

“Mommy what is that?”
Linsey asked her Mommy as she was changing her baby brother.
She was only three so her Mommy brushed it off
and said anything just to pacify her.

“Oh that’s something they forgot to cut off
in the hospital when Shawn was born.”
Then totally forgot all about it for she
was busy, tired and exhaustively forlorn.

A week later while her mommy
was hanging up clothes in the back.
Lindsey remembered what her mommy told her
and had a scissors in her lap.

Her mother heard an ungodly scream
that sent chills up and down her spine.
She dropped the clothespins immediately and
in the direction of her baby she made a beeline.

There sat little Lindsey with bloody scissors
in her hand and her baby brother lying beside.
She couldn’t believe what she was seeing
“God Help Me”, she screamed and cried.

“What did you do Lindsey,
what in God’s name did you do”
Lindsey sat there in fear when she quietly replied,
“Mommy, thought I was helping you.”

“You told me they forgot to cut it off so”
“I did it for you Mommy and baby brother too.”
“I wanted to make you happy Mommy, “
“was it a bad thing for me to do?”

Waiting for the ambulance to arrive
Linsey’s Mom thought of the innocent lie she told.
This lie that would torment her forever,
one that would be with her as she grew old.

~ Bonnie May ~
All Rights Reserved

Bonnie was born in Shamokin, Pennsylvania in 1945. Poetry has been her passion for 50 years and she has had many of her poems published. She wrote a children's story as a senior in high school, that was later published as: "The Tale of a Rabbit's Tail." Since then she has published: "Grandpa, When Animals Die, Do They Go to Heaven," children's book and two poetry books, "My Heart Wants to Tell You" and "MY HEART WANTS TO TALK! TALK! TALK!." These books can be purchased through

[ By: Bonnie May Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- {used with permission} ]

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